Ambedkar Research Institute

Ambedkar Research Institutevan,Millers Road, has been currently closed for renovation work.It is not available for conducting programmes till the renovation is completed.

Dr. Ambedkar Research Institute was established by Govt. of Karnataka during the year 1993-1994 to commemorate the Centenary Celebration of Bharatha Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ( 1891-1991) for his outstanding contribution to the country as well as the depressed clases.

The Institute is functioning under the administrative control of Social Welfare Department. The main motto of studying the socio-economic status of the SC / ST population in Karnataka  to    enlist every major and minor problems, needs of the communities and to the other related research studies. It is also intended to perform evaluation study on the ongoing schemes,programmess of the Department to see the extent to which they have been successful and reach the deserved class and people, since such studies throw more light deeper  than the administrative inspection reports.

Ambedkar Research Institute has also a vision to attempt for a overall study of the future trends of SC / ST population socio-economic, education and political potentialities.

Collection of statistics on all aspects of SC / ST population and maintenance of effective data bank for reference work.

Conducting survey and study on socio-economicstatus of SC / ST, research in specific and general areas to undertake ethnographic and anthropological studies on castes and sub-castes, synonyms for inclusion for inclusion/deletion pertaining to reservation policy, undertake evaluation study and sample survey during the course of implementation of SCP / TSP. To assist the research scholars                        ( M. Phil / Ph. D. ) who are interestedin undertaking studies on problems of SC / ST in different regions of Karnataka, Special studies will also be taken on atrocities untouchability and measures to be     taken on preventing them, evaluation studies to examine the impact of Government welfare measures implemented by both State Central Government.