Instructions Supplied by Directorate of Social Welfare - DownloadHere

Steps for Installation of Tunga Font:

1 The support for Kannada must be enabled in the PC .The user must go to Control Panel and then on the button titled “Regional and Language Options”. Three options will emerge as tabs :Regional Options, Languages and Advanced. Select the Languages tab.Check the box titled “Install files for complex scripts and left-to-right languages (including Thai)” and click Apply. Then insert the Windows XP CD to finish the configuration.This will install the Tunga font on the system.
2 Run the Kannada IME setup file and restart the computer. Download Here
3 The next step is to enable the recognition of the keyboard layout a change in language would necessitate. The user must go the Control Panel and then on to Regional and Language Options button. Of the three tabs available,select the Languages tab. Then click on the Details. . . button in the Text services and input languages section. Upon clicking the button, select Kannada as the input language and Add Kannada as the keyboard. Proceed on to select Kannada Indic IME 1 as the option in the box that appears.

4 After the installation is complete, start application, Clickthe Language Indicator located in the System Tray on the right side of the Windows taskbar, and click to select “Kannada Indic IME 1” from the shortcut menu that appears.
5 The PC is now ready to start typing in Kannada.

Database for Family - Download Here

Verification - Software version 1.5 - Download Here

Steps for Installation of VerifyFamily Software :

1.       Download and Run the dotnetfx setup file   Download Here
This will install the .Net Framework 2.0 on the system.

2.       After the installation is complete, start VerifyFamily application.  

Verification - Error Description - Download Here

Census Data - Download Here

Note :  Census Codes to be used for District , Taluk , Village , Grampanchayat , Ward